Hot weather, malnutrition and climate conditions in Africa cause many people to lose their sight to cataracts at a young age.
It is estimated that two million Africans experience vision problems stemming from cataracts. An insufficient number of doctors as well as a lack of financial resources translate to thousands with cataracts living in darkness despite the availability of a cure.
Embrace Relief’s cataract surgery project is aiming to provide relief to thousands of cataract sufferers in Africa, who have lived in darkness for years due to poverty and a shortage of doctors.

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Give a cataract surgery as a gift

Honor someone you care about on their special day, by making a donation in their name to our cataract surgery project. We will let them know by sending a certificate that thanks them for this donation.

Donate in a friend, or a family member’s name. It’s a thoughtful gift and they’re sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness. Embrace Relief will use the donations for a cataract operation, then e-mail an electronic copy of the certificate within 7 days, and mail the original certificate within 2 weeks.

Cataract Surgeries cost $110.