Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a time for friends and families to come together and share here in Canada. Northern Lights Relief Foundation (NLRF) organized Thanksgiving Dinner with Sojourn House. The Foundation members and volunteers joined the dinner with refugee families who critically need sustained assistance with their integration into Canadian society. They shared their stories and had a warm family dinner at Sojourn House Refugee Centre. It was refreshing

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Northernlights Relief Foundation recent fresh meat donation to local food drive location in Toronto

Eid Al-Adha or as we call in Turkish “Sacrifice Feast", is a four-day religious festival. The Sacrifice Feast traditions include sacrificing an animal in a special ritual, visiting relatives and helping the poor. It is important to keep the less privileged in mind to create change in their lives. As many of us enjoy the benefits of the holiday gatherings with tables full of food, we must remember those who are displaced and poverty-stricken. In

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@IDIRegina volunteers with @AccReginaCenter and @nlrelief relief foundation food drive to Regina Treaty Indian Services
NLRF Edmonton volunteers prepared hot meal for people in need at Edmonton streets.

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Halal meat donations (qurbani) to Muslims Welfare Centre

Northern Lights Relief Foundation delivered the Qurban Donations, halal meat, to Muslim Welfare Centre Scarborough. They have 11,000 registered families and almost 75% of them are asking for halal meat. [gallery ids="550,551,552,553,554,555,556,557,558,559,560,561,562"]

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Halal meat donations to Flemington Foodbank

Northern Lights Relief Foundation delivered halal meat donations to Flemington Foodbank [gallery columns="4" ids="515,516,517,518,519,520,521,522,523,524,525,526,527,528,529,530,531,532,533,534"]

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