Northern Lights Foundation has galvanized the contacts in its network in the province of Alberta and issued an immediate call to action. Northern Lights Foundation and Canadians across the country are collecting funds to aid the residents of Fort McMurray and its neighbors in relief efforts. Funds from donations are needed from you, even if it is only a few dollars, to provide the basic necessities of life and comfort in the places that families are gathered for the duration of the fire, and for some, until the completion of the reconstruction of their homes.

The funds are needed for water bottles, diapers, snacks, clothing, toiletries, hygienic products, etc.

Press the donate button below and be part of the national and collective effort to respond to the desperate calls and circumstances of our fellow Albertan-Canadians in their hour of need, just as they would have done the same for you and for me.

Encourage your family and friends to do the same and spread the message wide and far.