Eid Al-Adha or as we call in Turkish “Sacrifice Feast”, is a four-day religious festival. The Sacrifice Feast traditions include sacrificing an animal in a special ritual, visiting relatives and helping the poor. It is important to keep the less privileged in mind to create change in their lives. As many of us enjoy the benefits of the holiday gatherings with tables full of food, we must remember those who are displaced and poverty-stricken.

In the weeks leading up to Sacrifice Feast, Northern Lights Relief Foundation (NLRF) launches an fresh meat donation program for donors to support those in need. Northern Lights Relief Foundation recent fresh meat donation successfully took place in Toronto.
NLRF volunteers and staff donated 100 fresh Eid Al-Adha meat packet to local food banks like Ernestine’s Women Shelter, Youth without Shelter, Muslim Welfare Center , Kennedy House Youth Center , Local houses between September 1-5,2016.

By the help of your benevolence and openhandedness, NLRF can make sure that underprivileged families are receiving fresh meat in time to celebrate Sacrifice Feast.