Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada Fires

As Northern Lights Relief Foundation, we are coordinating a donation campaign with the Canadian Red Cross to help people and communities impacted by the Nova Scotia & Atlantic Canada Fires. Homes have been destroyed, with thousands forced to evacuate. The Canadian Red Cross is working closely with local governments and communities to provide assistance. On behalf of the Government of Nova Scotia, they
are distributing one-time financial assistance of $500 to eligible households. They are also providing support for long-term care homes forced to evacuate, among other assistance. Your support will help us deliver urgent aid to people impacted by the fires. And we stand ready to provide additional support for recovery as the full extent of needs becomes known. The Government of Canada and the Government of Nova
Scotia will match every dollar donated to the Canadian Red Cross Nova Scotia & Atlantic Canada Fires Appeal. This means that every $1 donated will become $3 to support those affected by the wildfires. Eligible donations already received will be matched. Please give today to help individuals, families and communities impacted by this disaster.

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