Northern Lights Relief Foundation “Water Wells” campaign is easing the difficulty of obtaining drinking water in Burkina Faso, Haiti, Senegal, Sudan, Kenya, Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon.

Northern Lights Relief Foundation initiated its “Water Wells” campaign in 2011. Since then, with the help of its volunteers and sponsors, 150 water wells have been built in regions with little or no access to drinking water. These wells are currently functioning to help ease the difficulty of obtaining clean water for the locals in these regions.


Clean drinking water is difficult to find for more than 1 billion people around the world. This is a major issue for these people because they lack the most essential needs for a human to live. The lack of clean water takes toll bad for the development of cities in such regions. Without the water infrastructure for cities can’t develop, because residents spend most of their time searching for water, time that could be used for development.

The lack of clean drinking water causes people living in these regions to travel to other places to get the water they need. This is more difficult in some countries where poverty limits the means of travel. People living in countries such as Kenya, Haiti have to walk 3-5 miles to get clean water. Whatever they could get, they have to carry it back themselves, so is very difficult to store large quantities of water.

Building water well is the most permanent solution to this problem. By building wells in developing cities and regions, the locals living in these regions do not have to work hard and spend unnecessary time searching for clean water.

You can help us build water wells by donating to an existing campaign or by starting your own campaign. You can start a campaign and spread the word to your friends and family to raise funding for your own water well campaign. To start a new campaign, you may submit a form from the link below. You can contribute any amount to help us build wells. All of the donations are added up until we have enough to build a well.

[Start a new Campaign] [Donate to an existing Campaign]

If you donate $500 or more, we will send you a photo of the water well that was constructed with your donation. If you donate a water well in full, we will send you a Photo and Video of the water well along with the well’s ID Form as you can see below. A water well takes about 3 months to be constructed.