We are proud to announce that as Northern Lights Relief Foundation

🌍🤝 We are proud to announce that as Northern Lights Relief Foundation, in collaboration with Harmony Movement, Muslim Educators Network of Ontario, Asian Canadian Educators Network, Cedarway Therapy, and National Council of Canadian Muslims, we organized a virtual panel on ‘How to Support Students Who Lost Loved Ones in the Turkey and Syria Earthquakes.’

🎙 The panel featured numerous experts in the field who shared invaluable insights and strategies. We were overwhelmed by the tremendous turnout and engagement from participants.

💙 Together, we discussed ways to provide emotional support, create safe spaces, and offer resources to the students affected by these devastating earthquakes. Our aim is to ensure that they receive the care and understanding they need during these challenging times.

🙏 We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the speakers, organizations, and attendees for their active involvement in this important conversation. Let’s continue to stand united and make a difference in the lives of those affected. #SupportStudents #EarthquakeRelief #Unity #EducationForAll”

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